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On-line courses

Objectives, ways and means

You are willing to develop and strengthen your reception and production (oral and/or written) skills as well as your sociocultural knowledge of a French environment? Make the most of our on-line self-study courses matching with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). These courses are tutored by graduated teachers in French for Speakers of Other Languages.

Our initial entry-test will help devise a training course meeting your needs to let you make your way up at your own pace. Regular interactions and a training certificate at the end of the session testify your progress in reception and production (oral and/or written) skills.

1 session = 6 weeks
10 hours/week


1 student

A1, A2, B1

Progression path
A1 level2 sessions120 hours
A2 level2 sessions120 hours
B1 level3 sessions180 hours
B2 level3 sessions180 hours

According to the CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Indicative course to be adapted according to starting level, profile and progress made

Appropriate teaching materials
and personalized access via an E-Learning platform


Membership fee (valid for 1 year) : €5
Registration fee (valid for 1 year) : €45

Single rate: €450 / session


1 session = 6 weeks

StartEndBank holiday
09/05/202217/06/202226/05 ; 06/06
22/08/2022 30/09/2022
03/10/202211/11/202201/11 ; 11/11

More …

Access to media and activities from our centre de ressources to boost your studies!

Cultural visits and outings to get familiar with Breton & French cultures!

One-to-One follow-up via Mon Compte.


1. Take our free online test with no obligation!

2. Have an individual interview with our educational manager who will suggest a course adapted to your needs and your level!

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