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Private tuitions

Objectives, ways and means

You are willing to develop and strengthen your reception and production (oral and/or written) skills as well as your sociocultural knowledge of a French environment? Make the most of our private tuitions matching with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). These private tuitions are run by graduated teachers in French for Speakers of Other Languages.

Standard French, vocational French or French for Specific Purposes? We are flexible and suggest active and interactive pedagogical modes including intercultural approach and corrective phonetics. Our initial entry-test will help devise a training course meeting your needs to let you make your way up at your own pace. Continuous assessment and a training certificate at the end of the session testify your progress in reception and production (oral and/or written) skills.



1 or 2 students

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Progression path
A1 levelfrom 80 to 100 hours
A2 levelfrom 100 to 120 hours
B1 levelfrom 150 to 180 hours
B2 levelfrom 200 to 250 hours
C1 levelfrom 250 to 300 hours
C2 levelVariable amount of hours

According to the CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Indicative course to be adapted according to starting level, profile and progress made

Genuine paper-based, audio-, video- & digital resources


Membership fee (valid for 1 year) : €5
Registration fee (valid for 1 year) : €50

Single rate: €70 / hour


1 session = 6 weeks

StartEndBank holiday
Mardi 02/04/2024Mardi 07/05/202401/04 ; 01/05
Mardi 12/11/202420/12/202411/11

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Access to media and activities from our centre de ressources to boost your studies!

Cultural visits and outings to get familiar with Breton & French cultures!

One-to-One follow-up via your Extranet.


1. Take our free online test with no obligation!

2. Have an individual interview with our educational manager who will suggest a course adapted to your needs and your level!

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